anxious. black. female.
a group for the functioning anxiety ridden Black woman

Anxiety is exhausting. Let let go of it's influence.

You’re Anxious. Your mind is split in three different directions and making the wrong choice is not an option. Everyone thinks you have it all together, but YOU can't experience what everyone else sees in you because you’re too busy worrying. 

You’re Black. Talking about your concerns is either not an option or met with difficulty. You feel weak in a community that expects you to be a Strong Black Woman. You don’t want to be called crazy, weak, or looked down upon so you remain silent.

You’re Female. Let’s face it: Women take on more than men. PeriodT. You’ve been taught to take charge and get it done. So that’s what you do. And the one time you muster up the courage to reach out, your feelings are dismissed. You’re told that what you’re experiencing is as “normal” and to “push through it” or “pray about it.”

For black women anxiety is a lonely experience. Uncertainty is viewed as weakness and met with shame.

So you don’t speak out.

You hold it in and hope it goes away. I get it! What no one tells you is that anxiety one the most common human experiences. When managed properly, anxiety is informative.

Rayvene Whatley LPC

This is the face of an

This is the face of an

It took me a loooooong time to describe myself as anxious. Remembering all of the messages about weakness that I recorded growing up was definetly preventing me from acknowledging my truth. NOT anymore!

My anxiety isn't cured but I definety know how to manage it better. My comfort level with the physical and mental experience of anxiety has greatly improved over the years. The realizations that I have had during my journey only reinforce my clinical understanding of anxiety. This comfort and understanding is what I offer for black women with anxiety. 

Join a community of women who relate to your experience while developing tools to quiet the noise & embrace the woman you where meant to be. helps black women to define their anxiety experience, reduce the overwelm, and cope with everyday stessors unique to the black female experience. Throughout group therapy you will understand your personal relationship with anxiety, learn to "do it scared", gain the skills to stop thoughts from getting in the way, and best of all:

Learn to distinguish effective stress from ineffective stress
so that you can stop beating yourself up.

These lessons will empower you to:

  • Not be overshadowed by feelings of anxiety.
  • Release the intense fear associated with the feeling.
  • Push through intimidating moments and emerge whole on the other side.
  • Spot the spiral and get out early

The Details:

Group Meets weekly on Thursdays for 6 weeks

6pm - 7pm

The investment is $160 per month or $45 per group session when paid weekly.

Following the initial call, those interested will have the opportunity to meet Rayvéne in person (or online) before attending the first group. This is your opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns, and evaluate your ability to participate prior to committing. We will also discuss group expectations. For a limited time intake sessions are being conducted at a reduced rate of $60 (regular rate $100).  

A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance and we are happy to provide documentation necessary to submit claims.