About Rayvene

About Rayvene (she/her/hers)​

Helping Women Have the Audacity to Be Themselves

Psychotherapy and Counseling by Rayvene Whatley, LPC, MAC, CPCS, NCC

Lets be honest...you only want to know three things:

​Am I an expert?
Will I help you?
Will you feel better?

The short answer is YES. And I'm willing to put in the work if you are . All that is needed for a positive counseling experience are Desire, Courage, Belief, and Patience. Improved insight and relief are attainable all that is required is willingness and effort.

Am I an expert?

I am a wife. 
I am a mother.
I am a believer in people.
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor who specializes in the assessment and treatment of addiction, depression, and other life stressors.

I am empowered by our uniqueness which makes my approach highly individualized to meet your specific needs. I realize that individual experiences have a strong influence on human behavior and interaction, learning how one navigates the world is important. Differences are motivational and inspirational. 


LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor
NCC - National Certified Counselor
MAC - Master Addiction Counselor
CPCS - Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor   

Substance Abuse 

​I greatly enjoy helping families cope with substance abuse and addiction. Certification as a Master Addiction Counselor allows me to use specialized training to educate entire families about addiction. It is important to process the effects of addiction in a non-judgmental environment.and that's the way I like it best. I help you get to recognize the origins of addiction, its manifestations, and more specifically how to overcome addictive behaviors.

DBT and Anxiety

I have completed a 5 month intensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) under the instruction of certified DBT trainer Dr. Michael Maslar. DBT is a cognitive behavioral treatment developed by Marsha Linehan to treat Borderline Personality Disorder which has since demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of a trauma and host of stress related disorders. In practice, DBT can be utilized to improve focus, decrease anxiety and stabilize mood and emotional understanding.

Will I help you?

I know pressure.
The pressure to be strong. The pressure to be right. The pressure to excel.
That (sometimes) subtle encouragement to conform and change your attitude's and beliefs to fit those around you. I know how this pressure can be motivational, exhausting, consuming, perhaps daunting. I know this pressure creates anxiety and depression. I also know ways to cope.

I know I am not perfect...and I no longer try to be.
I also know that many can say "I know I'm not perfect" but continue to strive for perfection. Well let me tell you it will never happen. 

This is what I seek to give you. The gift of imperfection. The power in accepting who you are and not who you are supposed to be.

Perfections doesn't Exist. Embrace who you are!

The most helpful therapy is therapy focused on individual needs. Services may be different for every client because services focus on YOU! The individual. Not a cookie cutter formula.

My assumption is that everyone strives to reach his or her full potential. By understanding that you are doing the best you can with what you have today we can embrace acceptance, get unstuck, and move forward towards your best self. 

My role as your counselor is to help you identify unconscious and unintentional thoughts or behaviors that interfere with you ability to reach you full potential. It is my role as a person to relate to your experience and  encourage you to go for your goals. I will help you implement strategies to endorse change. I believe that change is inevitable and when embraced, change can be empowering and motivational. It is my goal to use unconditional positive regard, compassion, and care to help facilitate change.​ I am your cheerleader.

Change IS possible.

Will you feel better?

While I can't guarantee what will happen. What I know is that by working together your goals can be met. Therapy is a process and is a very different process for each person. This however is a gift. It is an opportunity for you to influence your path. An opportunity to promote positive change through a new perspective and insight. Growth requires a commitment. COMMITMENT GETS RESULTS. Those results make you feel better. Clients who have committed to work with me report an improved quality of life, increased sense of self, and intensified life satisfaction. Are you ready to do what it takes?

While I'm an expert on the strategies and skills, you are the expert on you.
Together we shape your Journey to Your Best You.

Schedule a Strategy Session and commit your journey today.