Counselor Intern

Low Cost Services
Counseling Intern Program

In an effort to provide low cost therapy, Simplicity Psychotherapy offers sliding scale appointments through the Counselor Intern Program. Counseling Interns are master's level students in the final year of their CACREP accredited graduate program. They are carefully selected based on life experience and professional training to ensure the highest quality for our clients.

The Counseling Intern Program allows us to reach more clients, offer deeply discounted sliding scale services, and assist students in becoming competent and informed professional counselors


Why would I see an intern?

Aside from the reduce rate, there are some strong positives of working with an intern:⁠

        • Smaller caseload means more focus on your needs⁠.
        • A different kind of energy and enthusiasm than someone who’s been in the field for several years. ⁠
        • They are actively studying the most recent developments in mental health and psychology.
        • Interns work closely with a supervisor which means you essentially have two therapists for the “price” of one.
Are interns qualified?

Many interns have previous experience in the field and are going through training to become licensed to practice independently as a therapist.

During internship, Counseling Interns receive weekly supervision and through to ensure quality therapy services Interns work closely with their supervisor to give clients the best care possible. All interns are supervised onsite by Rayvene Whatley, LPC.

Sliding Scale Counselor Intern

Our current intern, Alyce,
is available for afternoon and evening
appointments at a sliding scale rate of $35 per session.
Learn more about Alyce.

Will I meet with the same intern for each session?

Absolutely. We believe that the relationship between the therapist and client is an important factor for your progress. Your comfort with the intern will allow you to focus on yourself while obtaining the skills you need to thrive.

How often will I attend sessions?

We are to guarantee a specific time frame as the therapeutic process is tailored to each individual. We ask that you commit to 4 consecutive sessions sessions before realistically evaluating the effectiveness of therapy. Part of the review process is to determine what frequency of sessions are necessary in order to reach your goals. Subsequent review is given every 8th session (or sooner if desired) and may include changes in dates and times or frequency of sessions.

What happens at the end of internship?

Interns contract with the program for a minimum of one year of service. Once that contract is complete, the student may leave the practice.  At that time, you will be offered services with anther therapist if your wish to continue. Schedule permitting, that therapist will be the supervisor of the intern such that you may have a smooth transition between therapists. 

Interns will not accept new clients if less than two months is remaining in their internship. 

How much are sessions?

Interns offer a sliding scale rate of $35 per session and are an excellent choice if your circumstances require low cost therapy services.