Does Your Relationship Need a Checkup?

Friendship is the most important part of your relationship.
Partners need to be friends for the relationship to excel.

Ever question how healthy your relationship is?

Have you let life come between you? Not surprising. It’s so easy to do. Work and kids are generally the biggest distractions. I know what your’e thinking..”We talk all the time.” or “We see each other everyday.” but likely you’re going through the motions and forgetting the little things that matter. Maybe arguments come easier, more quickly, or over nothing. Let’s change that! Learn how you and your partner complement one another as friends, parent and lovers. Remember why you developed an attachment to them. Re-experience the feelings that you forgot you felt. REMEMBERING why you love them can reignite many positive feelings. The Relationship Checkup consists of four components administered over three targeted couples sessions

• Session I: Oral Interview
• Between Sessions I and II: Complete Online Questionnaire
• Session II: Relationship Breakdown and Review
• Session III: Debriefing

Areas of focus may include friendship, intimacy, conflict, and trust, as well as parenting, finances, and individual areas of concern.

Slots are filling quickly.

Learn more about the benefits of a checkup and reserve your checkup today.


Rayvéne is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor in Smyrna, GA (just outside Atlanta.)

Specializing in helping you remove the mask and Be Your Best You. Assisting you to connect with your identity and ignore the noise of others options and expectations. I also help overwhelmed couples find a healthy balance between caring for themselves and one another. LGBTQQI affirming therapist and ally. Many clients are professionals who are seeking balance and relief from stressors of success. Learn more at