If you see a problem….do something about it!

I just finished mowing my lawn just days shy of December 1st. Yep, you read that correctly…mowing the lawn in November.

I do believe that this is a first for me and admit that it seemed odd. Normally the last mow of the year is around early October just as the leaves begin to turn. But I guess with this year’s unseasonably warm weather (it was 63 degrees today) the grass grew a bit longer than normal. I noticed that the yard needed some tending to but thought the majority of it was due to the extremely tall pine trees in my front yard. As a strapped on the leaf blower to remove leaves and pine straw I noticed that the grass was overgrown which made it hard to blow the straw into a neat pile.


I thought to myself “I should really cut the grass?” Then I wondered “Would that look odd? Who mows grass after Thanksgiving?”

Well I guess I do. After two days of over thinking and frankly procrastinating. I hurriedly drug the mower out of the shed to get done before the temperature dropped. And let me tell you about the sense of accomplishment I felt once I was done. “What’s all this pride?” You ask. I’d realized that I’d done what I needed to do. Despite my neighbor looking bewildered from his window. I’d realized that my apprehension was about appearances. About perceptions. About the norm for grass cutting. I’d remembered what my values were and if cutting the grass in November was what needed to be done, then that’s what needed to be done.

As I sit here and admire my handy work, I revel in the meaning behind my yard work. I AM CAPABLE OF DOING WHATEVER IS NECESSARY FOR MY WELL-BEING AND SATISFACTION REGARDLESS OF THE SOCIAL NORM. It’s nice to remember this. To remember the power of choice. I could have been deterred by the perplexed glares that I knew I would (and did) receive. I could have. But doing what needs to be done, even on this small, seemingly insignificant scale matters.

Now as for edging the yard…that might have to wait until spring…Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: It snowed two days later.


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