Therapy Isn’t Cheap…

Invest in therapy; Therapy costs

Let’s face it. Therapy isn’t cheap, nor should it be. You’re not just spilling your guts to friend or venting to a coworker. You’re asking a trained professional to assist you in dissecting a concern and determine the next best step. Therapy is YOUR opportunity to completely release in a safe and secure environment. It’s perhaps THE most private setting that exists.

This experience is PRICELESS.

Now let’s address the real. Although therapy is valuable it should also be affordable, right? We all worry about money on some level. Truth is, we find a way to make sacrifices to get the things we truly want. Why not make the same sacrifices for happiness, peace of mind, or self-confidence.

If you are one of my clients then you already know that I’m all about definitions. You know that I am not only interested in a word’s literal definition but how that word makes one feel individually. The two together tell you what a word truly means.

Frugal vs. Cheap

The important point to remember is that there is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. Frugality is defined as economical with regard to money and in our social understanding it symbolizes maturity and wealth. While by definition cheap means at or for a low price, in our social understanding cheap indicates low quality or being of little worth. Whether or not this is correct is an argument for another day, the fact is that this is the view. The point is that being frugal equates to seeking value within reasonable means while being cheap equates to price shopping for the lowest bidder. One of my favorite examples involves clothing. $80 seems like a hefty amount for a pair of jeans, so perhaps you opt to purchase a $25 pair of jeans that look exactly the same. Without considering the quality of the jeans $25 seems to be a good deal. What if the $25 jeans need to be replaced every 7 to 9 months due to wear and tear while the $80 jeans last 4-5 years due to the quality of the fabric used. Which is the better deal now? The point: Generally the cheap person cheats themselves in the end and ends up paying twice (either monetarily or emotionally). Usually not worth it. So why would one seek cheap therapy?


Invest in Theraoy
Long-term Investments Pay Off


Therapy should be viewed as an investment.

What Investment Really Means

What investment is:

  • Investment is a form of preparedness.
  • Investment is setting yourself up for future successes.
  • Investment is uncomfortable.
  • Investment can lead to the ultimate reward.

What investment is not:

  • Investment is not just about money.
  • Investment is not a short term goal.
  • Investment is not impulsive.

What other meanings does investment have for you?

So since therapy isn’t cheap you must weigh the benefits of therapy against the risks of not receiving help. That’s what it all boils down to: What is it worth for YOU?

Remember: You get what you pay for.

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Rayvéne is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor in Smyrna, GA (just outside Atlanta.)

Specializing in helping you remove the mask and Be Your Best You. Assisting you to connect with your identity and ignore the noise of others options and expectations. I also help overwhelmed couples find a healthy balance between caring for themselves and one another. LGBTQQI affirming therapist and ally. Many clients are professionals who are seeking balance and relief from stressors of success. Learn more at

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