Taboo Truths Women’s Group

You Don't Have to Be Everything to Everyone

A group where Strong Black Women Thrive

A safe space for black women ages 24-45 to discuss difficult topins free of judgement and with like minded peers.

What a wonderful compliment to be deemed a Strong Black Woman. To be respected for your tenacity, envied for your poise, and regarded for your responsibility. What many don't know is that the Strong Black Woman (SBW) pays a price. She bears the unbearable. She suffers in silence. 

Which of these are you?

  • Always eager to accommodate those around you with honor and privilege
  • Never showing your weakness to others
  • You may find yourself questioning your voice when you disagree
  • You find yourself softening your delivery to cater to others

One or more of these yes answers is promoting ANXIETY and STRESS. Only the strongest of women understand this silent struggle. For too long the Black community has hidden from inconvenient truths. Well guess what: Secrets Keep You Sick.

​​Taboo Truths is an exclusive space for women ages 25 to 45 to learn that they don't have to do it all to have it all.  We meet weekly in a judgment free zone for strong women who don't always want to be strong AND don't need to feel guilty about it. A sanctuary for sharing and understanding with the only people who could possibly get it, other strong black women.

It only takes Two Saturdays a month to certify that
Self Care is Sexy

The SBW is faced with both positive and negative stereotypes and half truths. What about those times you "put on your Sunday best" just to appease the expectations of others. What about all the topics you dare not speak for fear of being seen as weak, ungrateful, or incompetent.  "Don't let them see you sweat", they say. Well if we're all sweating, why don't we sweat together instead of hiding and hoping no one notices our anxiety.

By speaking your truth You Will:

  • Challenge the cultural and childhood messages that encourage silence
  • Replace the pressure that exhausted you with the power of self-care.
  • Begin to unapologetically harness your power to be yourself. 
  • Reinvent the meaning of the Strong Black Woman​
Your Investment_ $ 120 per month The current group meets_ Saturdays from 11 am – 12_30 pm(90 minutes) (2)

The monthly investment is $120

Those interested must participate in an individual intake session prior to group attendance. This is your opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns, and evaluate your ability to participate prior to committing. We will also discuss group expectations. Intake session is conducted one on one session in office or online. For a limited time intake sessions are being conducted at the group rate of $60 (regular rate $120).