90 Days to Self

90 Days to Self


Ever felt that you had to be everything to everyone ALL the time? On some levels this is a highly rewarding experience while on another level it is EXHAUSTING! Amazing how two opposing truths can exist at the same time. Ever wonder what it would be like to show your own identity without worrying about the prying eye and unrequested opinions of others? I ask, but I already know you have. I know that you just want to be yourself.

Imagine a functioning world that isn’t build on your shoulders.


Be Your Best You by learning new boundaries, communication tools, relationship tools, and self-care techniques.

90 Days to Self is a weekly therapeutic program geared towards renewing your understanding of your identity and how that identity is reflected in your daily interactions. 90 Days to Self is not a guarantee that all problems will be solved within the 90 days of reflection. It is a commitment to understanding and developing a strategic plan for change. By the end of the program you will have a new direction and have tools to walk towards your goals.  Participants have used the program to overcome depression, squash anxiety, dispel myths about themselves. Who here has myths about themselves?


Three Intentional Phases

Within these three phases we will
take the socks out of the drawer, refold them, and reintroduce them with order and purpose.


Phase I: Behind the Mask
Phase I is geared toward reflection on past events that have molded your perspectives and perceptions and recognizing how they influence your behaviors today. Put yourself under the microscope in a safe environment. (Hope I didn’t lose you there. I know that’s scary.) Phase I is about the realization of the great power that exists in your examination of your thoughts and behaviors. Examine different ways you pretend for the sake of others, explore the risks and benefits of wearing a mask, and evaluate how your mask hinders your growth (spiritually, relationally, and professionally.) Forward movement requires intention. ​Intention is developed through knowledge.

Phase II : Who I Really Am
Break down the walls. Phase II is all about facing fears that surfaced in Phase I and allowing yourself the permission to Be Your Best Self. If your dream doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough. This phase has often been spiritual and cleansing for some. You will explore themes of self-forgiveness, how to be vulnerable, assertiveness, acceptance, and increasing your ability to meet yourself where you are. This phase assists you in increasing your ability to reside in the here and now. Leaving the past in the past and allowing the future to develop however it will. In other words you will Increase Self-Awareness and Decrease Anxiety. 

Phase III : The Driver’s Seat
Now it’s time to be a Woman of Action. Phase III challenges you to put you dream into actionable steps. We’ll develop Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound (SMART) goals to propel you towards your dream. That’s the long way of saying that we will make your dreams actionable by breaking them down into steps.

Phase IV : Maintenance

There are times when the 90 days isn’t enough. Phase IV is an optional phase that fosters additional growth using the goals developed. Maintenance can be addressed in three main ways:

1) You may need additional processing of past events to completely let go. This is normal depending on the depth or severity of the past event. Goals and action steps decided in Phase III will continue alongside the maintenance phase.

2) You wish to have continued support while working your goals. This is a form on accountability that allows you to continue your commitment and explore successes and failures in a controlled environment. 

3) You ENJOY! the process and it is valuable to your progress.

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